Best supplier of the year for SPAR KZN

Best supplier of the year for SPAR KZN

Imoon South Africa has won a prize as best supplier of 2018 for KZN Spar supermarket chain. For the first time from its institution, the prize has been assigned to a brand of lighting due to the excellent service, the quality of the products and the management of the project of supplying and installation.

A little prize, a great satisfaction!




The Alpha 230 has been redesigned to include additional features, so as to offer maximum flexibility.

Modified design: a smaller dissipation system takes up far less space, dropping from 170 mm to 103 mm in height and from 340 mm to 230 mm in length.

The power has been increased to 63 W and the luminous flux to 9300 lm.

A new mounting system with quick-connect clips makes it easy to install.

It is more reliable and longer-lasting than ever.

The Alpha 230PRO is the ideal product for relamping existing fixtures (2x26W and 2x32W or higher). It can also be used generally for lighting new installations, where the reduced size of the body
can create an elegant appearance, simultaneously guaranteeing savings on consumption and installation.

See ALPHA 230 PRO.

The new Makris Catalog!

The new Makris Catalog!

We are happy to announce that the new catalog is online!

New projects, new products, new colours bat same old love for creativity and custom made solutions.

Download it here and discover the news!


Imoon Maxi, a new way to light up

A product with an innovative design, created to offer a distinctive lighting dedicated to large spaces such as shopping malls, sales areas and common areas.

A possible alternative to both modular lighting systems and projectors, with which it can be easily combined to provide, at the same point of sale, uniform general lighting and ambient accent lighting. A wide-ranging product family, offering a flexible, efficient and consistent lighting system.

Maxi is available in the built-in, projector, ceiling and suspension versions. It is highly customizable thanks to the optics with 30°, 60°, 90°, asymmetrical and batwing light beams.
The panel, if mounted on a rail, can be rotated with additional flexibility for an even more custom-made beam, easily modified to address every exposure needs. It allows for a very high luminous efficiency, greater than 160lm/W; also available in WI-FI, DALI and Tunable White versions.

See Maxi products.




A true jewel. For how it was conceived, designed and manufactured. 100% Italian, of course, the result of passion and great skills, as well as of technological innovation combined with the finest design. It’s the brand-new Makris Line, perfect synthesis of Imoon’s philosophy, through a custom design concept. The final goal is to offer unique solutions, conceived and designed in close collaboration with customers and partners. In a few words: authentic projects that go beyond the simple lightening purpose, thus aimed at setting a new benchmark in the food retail sector.

With Makris, everything starts from a simple idea, providing complete freedom in developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Numerous lightning models have been conceived so far. Some of them have already been installed in Italian and international retail stores: this is the case of Sphera (Auchan) in Paris, Mida (Viaggiator Goloso),  Numa (Coop) in Milan, and Tita (Acqua & Sapone).

Read online the catalog or download here



ROC is a new family of projectors with a simple yet very versatile design. The integrated driver ensures incredible lightness while its excellent technical performances are guaranteed by the SPARK LED light source specifically designed for enhancing the colours and textures of fabrics.

ROC comes in two versions, small and medium-sized. Both models can be equipped with reflectors with different light beams. It is possible to choose the perfect lighting solution based on the real needs of the store every time. For example, anti-glare filters and specific accessories are available such as the barn doors, designed to set different scenes and create different light effects.

Thanks to its excellent mobility, specially designed to permit multidirectional pointing which is crucial for the optimum presentation of products, the ROC projector is perfect for the spotlighting of commercial spaces.

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