ROC is a new family of projectors with a simple yet very versatile design. The integrated driver ensures incredible lightness while its excellent technical performances are guaranteed by the SPARK LED light source specifically designed for enhancing the colours and textures of fabrics.

ROC comes in two versions, small and medium-sized. Both models can be equipped with reflectors with different light beams. It is possible to choose the perfect lighting solution based on the real needs of the store every time. For example, anti-glare filters and specific accessories are available such as the barn doors, designed to set different scenes and create different light effects.

Thanks to its excellent mobility, specially designed to permit multidirectional pointing which is crucial for the optimum presentation of products, the ROC projector is perfect for the spotlighting of commercial spaces.

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Our complete range of lighting solutions now in a single catalog.

More than a simple product showcase, but a long-standing and emotional history, made of projects and installations able to show – and almost touch by hand – what it means to conceive, plan and manufacture lightning solutions in food retail. Imoon’s 2018 catalogue displays a wide and varied, rich and elegant series of modular and customizable solutions, designed with energy saving principles, according to the best of Made in Italy design. From Suspended Luminaries to Lightning Tracks, from Recessed Luminaires to Projectors, passing through Surface Mounted Luminaires, the new Imoon catalogue describes the different brands in an easy and accessible way. Which helps customers make better-informed choices according to their specific needs: from the Venere Pro to the Kronos Line, from Roc to Kimi, without forgetting the Alpha, HB, Energy 65 Led and Basic System Led series.

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HB is the latest IMOON product designd to meet the lighting needs of industrial areas and large spaces, such as dealerships, shopping malls, airports and logistic centres.

The body, in ide-cast aluminium, is designed to ensure optimal thermal mamagement; compact and easy to install it can also be used outodoors and in difficutl environmental conditions thanks to its high degree of protection.

HB is available in three versions – recessed, suspensione and projector. All the models come with either one or three cutting edge reflectors, each of whitch may be customised in terms of type of LED, colour temperature and light beam.

Superior lighting solutions through the use of  LED sources with a high colur rendering index and high efficiency reflectors.
All HB products can be managed via the DALI system and are set up for Wi-Fi.  It is also possible to fit the lighting system with a motion and daylight sensor.

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Le pouvoir d’un éclairage parfait dans TECH4FOOD

Le pouvoir d’un éclairage parfait dans TECH4FOOD

La qualité italienne fait la différence. C’est du moins ce que nous disent les prévisions de clôture 2017 concernant le secteur de la technologie alimentaire, publiées par la revue Tech4Food affirmant que les chiffres prouvent que l’Italie des technologies a décidément une longueur d’avance sur la concurrence. Ce qui fait la différence, c’est la combinaison de plusieurs éléments, comme le savoir-faire technologique et le design, la polyvalence et l’empathie relationnelle. Imoon s’inscrit précisément dans ce courant en développant des technologies et des produits conformes en tous points à la demande du marché, et en concluant des partenariats prestigieux avec d’importants clients, comme Auchan et Carrefour.

Les meilleures technologies pour la meilleure alimentation !

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LENS : la nouvelle version spéciale de Kronos

LENS : la nouvelle version spéciale de Kronos

La gamme des appareils Kronos s’étend avec la nouvelle version spéciale, LENS, disponible pour chaque produit de la famille.

LENS se caractérise par l’utilisation d’une lentille de concentration en PMMA, à faisceau d’ouverture minimum de 10°, et d’une LED spéciale à LES (light-emitting surface) de très petites dimensions, ce qui permet d’obtenir un cône de lumière précis, avec un angle de distribution uniforme et sans dispersions.

LENS est la solution idéale pour les faisceaux lumineux très étroits et définis.

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Adaptive Lighting System at the Carrefour Fair

Imoon will attend the second edition of the Carrefour Fair at the MiCo, Milano Congressi Trade Fair, Milan, on 27-28 September. This exclusive event will witness the participation of over 150 suppliers who will present Italian excellence and the best solutions for the retail sector.

Imoon will light up the various environments by proposing a lighting system that meets the requirements of the various sections. Supermarket and Express areas only feature projectors, precisely Venere Pro with appropriate colour temperatures based on the food areas lighted up. In the Super Echo sector we find the new linear Basic System Lens, with its clean design and new generation lenses that allow the beam to be directed only where it is required. Lighting is completed by Numa, square suspended LEDs that belong to the new Imoon brand Makris, which create a charming warm atmosphere in the wine tasting room.

Imoon will also have its own dedicated stand to offer visitors a close view of its products, including the first official version of ALS (Adaptive Lighting System) presented at Euroshop 2017. This smart lighting system recognises the products displayed and automatically sets the colour temperature of the most suitable fixture for product lighting