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Recessed led fixture dedicated to the retail segment; its minimalist style fits perfectly in any environment. Reflectors available with beam angles from 18° to 55°. Rotation up to 350° and extraction up to 65°.

Product available with SPARK technology, special LED to enhance the brightness of the whites and simultaneously guarantee intensity of saturated colours.

Special versions: PRO version, with a wide range of accessories and filters; LENS version for a precise cone of light with a defined distribution angle.




The Krios range of appliances has been extended to include 3 models: projector, suspension and recessed. A complete family of lighting fixtures which stands out for its compact and versatile aesthetic. A range of products that expresses all its flexibility in combining dedicated LEDs and a wide selection of accessories to the three models.

PRO special version satisfies every project request thanks to:

  • a wide range of accessories and filters, such as honeycomb grids, clear or opaline glass and microprisms (standard), modulate the light distribution by optimising it according to requirements. Also, the bezel gives value to the aesthetics, while limiting the glare effect.
  • reflectors in pre-anodised aluminium, which guarantee superior efficiency and energy savings by virtue of their high reflection index. Rotationally symmetric and rectangular, the wide choice also includes the innovative NOVA optic, developed for ellipsoidal light distribution that creates different shapes, ideal for illuminating signs, for example.

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Product overview


KRIOS: let yourself be guided by light

KRIOS: let yourself be guided by light

Thanks to its new design, the new spotlight Krios has minimal bulk and maximum flexibility. Perfect synthesis between design and functionality: its linear shape and the possibility of orienting the lamp with extreme precision, ensure optimal lighting in every context. The high quality of the light, the dedicated LEDs, and the wide choice of accessories make it ideal for fashion retail as well as for the world of hospitality.

Clean style, perfect light
A design thought in the smallest detail: to achieve minimal visual impact, its arm is inserted into the side groove and all the other components take up very little space.

High flexibility
The lamp can be directed up to 180° with an almost complete body rotation to create accent lighting.

An excellent colour rendering (Ra > 93)
Thanks to the SPARK technology, available in two variants, it is possible to enhance both the brightness of the whites and the colour intensity.

Special versions
Krios pro is also equipped with some special versions:

  • IP40 for greater protection
  • Customisable cover: Krios meets the tastes of those who want a linear and clean design but also allows you to dare, thanks to the customisable cover positioned on its arm.
  • Lens – equipped with a concentrating lens, with a minimum beam opening of 10°, for an extremely defined cone of light
  • HO for a higher lumen output

Product overview