The Company

Founded in 2010, Imoon is a leading player on the international market for commercial lighting in Food & Fashion Retail. A role built on the values of quality and design, strictly Made in Italy, which embodies the idea of style and creativity of Italian companies worldwide.

“In the proper light, and in the right moment, everything can be extraordinary”: in this sense, fully participating in the transformation process of Retailers, Imoon also contributes to their competitive development. The sensory and emotional dimensions, linked with the expressiveness of lighting projects, play a fundamental role in guiding consumers through the shopping experience.

Light, on top of its functional and perceptual roles, has now become the connection between coordinated image, arrangement of indoor spaces and attractiveness of the products on display. Makris, a brand of Imoon’s, fits well into this context, as it allows each store to live its own personal lighting experience through new ideas that become products, shaped by expert designers to illuminate each space in harmony with the initial creative concept and the personality of Retailer brands.

Imoon, based in Milan is furthermore an international business in constant growth, thanks to its strategic, direct bases in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Turkey, South Africa and Finland, and to its trade partners widely distributed throughout the EMEA region and the Americas. Imoon installations are present in over 50 countries around the world, with some 400 points of sale completed each year, boasting partnerships with the most important names within the Food Retail sector.



Imoon follows the principle for which a company must be customer-driven and generate added value for the market: the know-how collected in different geographic areas, makes Imoon a good partner for brands in need of advice to develop custom lighting concepts based on the different needs of their stores.

The decision to follow a strong differentiation policy gradually brought the company to build a comprehensive offer of products and options, in which the ability to tailor the production to the specific needs of clients makes of Imoon a driver of change. An innovative, proactive business, conceived as a learning organisation, that is, a system of continuous learning characterised by a competitiveness based on understanding the messages coming from the global market, as well as on a consolidated expertise in transforming lighting components and technologies into projects that give each specific format a clear, distinctive character.


Core business

The Company plays the role of an ideal Partner for key brands that wish to rely on a single supplier to develop the lighting concepts of their Store. In this sense, Imoon’s qualified consultations include a complete range of services: from the research and development of the best lighting project by the in-house Lighting Designer Team, to the selection of the most suitable products to represent the identity of the point of sale, including their production and energetic performance evaluation, through to the fine tuning and after sale support. Each phase is closely followed by Imoon, which promotes quick feedback to significantly reduce lead times.

In addition to that, the management of the internal processes for the design, prototyping and development of the products satisfies all aesthetic requirements thanks to innovative design solutions, while also allowing Imoon to perform meticulous tests to verify their performance and actual suitability to guarantee a maximum safety, according to both national and international regulations.


Certified Management System

We care about correct business processes management,. human resources and environment protection. This passion reflects our way of conducting business: always working in compliance with quality and safety criteria. This is why we are certified

icmq_qualitaISO 9001:2008 Certification – Quality Management System
Imoon applies a Quality organizational system in accordance with the ISO 9001standard. The requirements of the standard apply to all business processes with the aim of ensuring full satisfaction of our customers at all times.

icmq_sicurezzaBS Ohsas 18001:2007 Certification – Health and Safety Management System
Imoon, with its Health and Safety Management System, continually improve safety performance and compliance to health and safety legislation establishing safer working environments protecting people at work by eliminating, or better managing, health and safety issues.

The certificates were issued by ICMQ, Italian institute of certification operating in the construction industry.