With Cyberwing versatility is ready for takeoff

Cyberwing satisfies the need for lighting design aimed at directing the consumer’s attention towards the points of greatest attraction while enhancing the products displayed on the gondolas rather than the aisles.

The structure is fitted with side light clusters that can be adjusted independently of each other, which ensure a symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution, according to the different heights, widths and sizes of the gondolas.  Cyberwing has a rotation range of + 10° – 10°. 

A careful classification of the contrasts between light and shade is achieved through the high reflective power of the optics, whose performance guarantees excellent control of the luminous flux and also reaches brightness levels on the shelves up to 1000 lx. In addition, the installation distance between the lighting fixtures up to 3.5 metres means there is a reduction in the number of solutions required, with associated energy savings.

To meet every design need, two new models are ready for release in the Cyberwing family: recessed, ideal for spaces with drop ceilings and 60 cm x 60 cm panels, and asymmetric spotlights, designed to light perimeter areas, individual shelves, or graphic elements on the walls.

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