IMOON Village

Turn on the light. An invitation not just to turn on the light but also turn on one’s curiosity, imagination and creativity.

An experiental path where to experiment with different scenarios that integrate light and design. From the outdoor spaces to the reception area, from the market aisle to the bar, walking through the lounge area, the dressing rooms and the areas dedicated to the sale of all types of food, in every environment you will be able to experience different light scenarios made by combining innovative products, connected to each other to ensure maximum flexibility before and after installation.

An immersive journey giving visitors a glimpse of the future to let them explore their store’s potential.  Eleven different environments, each with its own peculiarities, where visitors can fell the impact of a custom.made lighting system capable of enhancing the items being sold and improving the customers’ shopping experience.

An exhibition concept that enhances the Store, in which architecture, technology and lighting design share a space for stimulating experimentation.

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