New LEDs and Reflectors for Venere Pro

Created to meet all food sector lighting requirements, the Venere Pro family now boasts a new range of specific LEDs for the various areas of speciality:

  • Bakery: New LEDs for the bread and confectionery area. A warm light, thanks to the new dual-version EXTRA WARM LED; HD, for increased colour contrast and PLUS, for even warmer light.
  • MEAT MEAT RED joins the existing LED range, for even better colour quality enhancement
  • FISH: FISH HD, the new dedicated LED, improves consumer perception of freshness and enhances the different colour qualities

FULL COLOUR is also available together with the specific LEDs, so all requirements can be met. It features the ideal colour rendering for all products. This is an alternative for companies seeking a single light source for all areas.

Lastly, the range of reflectors has also expanded to include a growing number of possible configurations. The expanded range includes the new GIGA and WIDE rectangular lights from the EDGE family, to satisfy even more demanding requirements, like lighting rooms with very low ceilings.