VISION is a system of lighting for advertising and communicative displays that can be adjusted to meet the demands of each individual store. Its design is simple and minimalist, it is eco-sustainable, illuminates homogeneously and has striking aesthetics.

The simple magnetic ends allow you to transform any environment in accordance with your requirements and the message you wish to convey. The emission of light on two sides provides further opportunity for customisation: with just one installation you can present two different messages.

The specific combination of components in the Vision system creates uniform lighting with no shadows cast across the graphics you wish to illuminate, giving your images further definition.

Available as a ceiling light, mounted on a rail or in a suspended configuration, Vision can be quickly adapted to new marketing requirements, whether you wish to convey a new message or create a new promotional area inside the store. Simply replace the message previously inserted into Vision and move it to the area in which the new promotion will be installed.

Product overview