Lighting scenarios pulsate in the green heart of Barton Grange


Sustainability and an unparalleled shopping experience: these are the objectives of the project that Imoon destined for the Barton Grange Garden and Leisure Centre in Brock, Nr Preston, Lancashire. The 10,000 m2 area includes the main Garden Centre, the Farm Shop dedicated to gastronomy, a Cook Shop area specialising in kitchen accessories, the famous Willows Restaurant and the recently opened Flower Bowl Entertainment CentreImoon has therefore developed its lighting project as a meeting point between the company’s eco-friendly values and a study of space through light, where the interaction between the different areas creates a harmony of extraordinary elegance.

In the Garden Centre, an area dedicated to gardening and the outdoors, Imoon has provided lighting designed to enhance the colours of the seasons. The relamping project included the use of lighting fixtures that could account for the numerous environmental variables at play, thereby reducing the phenomenon of glare: warm lights evoke a welcoming atmosphere and invite visitors to take a walk in the greenery. LED solutions that guarantee maximum visual comfort and high energy efficiency have therefore been installed. In addition, the Venere Pro I, equipped with the CASAMBI system, proved to be a valid alternative to the existing double and triple units. The light management tool combined with the lighting fixture allows advanced control via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This preference for intelligent lighting management allows for the creation customised scenarios and their automated alternation.

In the Farm Shop area, the fixtures have been equipped with special LEDs capable of emphasising the variety of the products on display: the Meat Plus LEDs enhance the high quality of the meat from local suppliers while the bright colours of the seasonal fruit and vegetable products are enhanced by special Full Colour LEDs. In addition, LEDs with a colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin have been installed in the pastry and bakery department, making tea cakes a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. Finally, in the Cook Shop area, the halogen pendant lamps have been converted into recessed Venere Pro models, obtaining a maximum result in terms of light quality and a saving both in the number of lighting fixtures used and in the amount of energy consumption.

Imoon has designed also the lighting for the large curling hall in the Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre, where in perfect synthesis with the curves of the ceiling the Venere Pro High Outputs feature at the highest points, with the High Efficiency variants of the same collection seen at the sides. This made it possible to ensure uniform light, which, contemporaneously with creating the right conditions for hosting professional events, gives the space dynamism.