EDEKA Center Weserpark

Imoon puts its signature on the lighting concept of the new Edeka hypermarket, built in the main shopping centre of the city of Bremen, Weserpark which counts over 200 stores, as well as several restaurants and other services. The two main ingredients of the innovative design by Interstore | Schweitzer are a focus on the evolving needs of customers, and a great attention to detail. This is a project management philosophy that Imoon, as exclusive partner for the German market, was able to interpret by bringing to life sophisticated light scenarios, guiding the Clients through a new dimension of the shopping experience, and encouraging longer visits to the store.

The design of the 6,421 m² sales area takes customers on an exciting journey into the world of food and wine: each corner is a celebration of the love for food, highlighted by Imoon’s lighting solutions, through the introduction of an advanced, wireless management of luminaires for the most strategic areas. In this sense, the Retailer has the freedom to shape custom, evocative atmospheres that convey different emotions depending on the occasion, potentially also for specific events organised in the hypermarket. 

Fully in line with the common thread of the plan, Imoon’s solutions put the products in the spotlight by using the latest Food Retail technologies. More in detail, in the fresh products corner, the LED Full Colour highlights the shapes and colours of fruits and vegetables, helping to bring out their freshness, while the warm tones of the LED Extra Warm HD make cheese and bakery products look very appetising. For the butcher’s corner, the choice fell on the LED Meat Red, which, given its high red component, constitutes the ideal solution to highlight the quality of the meat, immediately attracting the attention of the Clients. Furthermore, the display of fish specialities is left in the capable hands of LED Meat Fish HD, which combines the maximum perception of colours with pure white tones, for a final effect recalling fish that has just been caught. Finally, the complementary offer of the flower corner is illuminated using the Spark technology, characterised by a superior colour rendering.

The new line of track-mounted fixtures, MAXI P SLIM, which is characterised by fine, compact shapes, is harmoniously integrated within the layout of the non-food area of the store, mainly featuring gondolas and shelves.