The experiential design at the basis of the lighting concept

Edeka HafenMarkt

In collaboration with Schweitzer, responsible for the realization of the new supermarket covering an area of over 3000 square meters, IMOON has designed lighting for Edeka HafenMarket that ensures a bright, welcoming, and functional environment within the new supermarket. A modern and cutting-edge retail store, but also a crucial element in the urban transformation of the area, integrating local culinary offerings and becoming a reference point for the surrounding community.

Edeka’s intention was to return to the port of Munster with a modern and particularly urban store that would integrate with the neighborhood’s design and evoke the concept of the harbor market. IMOON has therefore developed a lighting concept that, in addition to the brand’s value proposition, considers the changes occurring in the food retail sector by responding to the need for a new mode of interaction with consumers.

In the context of the Edeka HafenMarkt store in Munster, experiential design is at the core of the lighting concept. Lighting design plays an increasingly central role in setting the atmosphere of retail outlets, focusing on sustainability and creating shopping paths that enhance the brand’s personality and identity. The careful approach to lighting, beyond its functionalities and perceptions, aims primarily to evoke emotions, making the consumer experience unique and indispensable. This includes layout and arrangements, where technology becomes an enabling factor, especially regarding lighting, which, by shaping environments with a relational and evocative aesthetic, enhances indoor comfort and increases customer loyalty to the brand. IMOON has interpreted this trend by creating a customized lighting concept where lighting becomes an integral part of the design, thus offering an exclusive shopping experience at the new store.

Customization also plays a fundamental role in the lighting project, contributing to brand recognition and increased profitability. This approach mainly materializes in the creation of exclusive lighting fixtures for the supermarket format, aiming to ensure distinctive brand recognition and to offer consumers an engaging shopping experience in line with design expectations.

The store stands out for its strongly industrial-inspired design, characterized by the inclusion of exposed brick walls and metal ceilings. IMOON has integrated various types of lighting fixtures in this context, combining aesthetics, functionality, and emotional communication. For example, in the area characterized by mesh ceilings, electrified tracks equipped with VENERE PRO P projectors featuring a special LED, 3000 HD (High Definition), were embedded to highlight the pure white and natural colors of the displayed products, as well as to provide vividness and emphasis to the entire store environment. This solution was also ideal for enhancing the selection of bright colors like blue, red, and yellow chosen by Schweizer for the dining areas characterized by a design reminiscent of industrial containers.

In the entrance area, adjacent to areas with stone ceilings, IMOON installed HB suspended industrial design projectors, ideal for environments with very high ceilings due to their high luminous output. The design was customized, creating a large bell to make it visually impactful, further characterizing the entrance area. Despite the aesthetic customization, the true strength of these lighting fixtures lies in their ability to be equipped with the same special LED, the 3000 HD, used throughout the store, ensuring lighting continuity that not only is perfectly diffused but also gives the space a scenic appearance.

Cash registers also play a fundamental role in the overall aesthetics of the store. IMOON created STILO LED, suspended light tubes reminiscent of old neon tubes used to illuminate old industrial warehouses. These elements add a distinctive touch and a retro atmosphere, contributing to the unique and captivating character of the supermarket.

Secondly, customization is evident in the modulation of brightness levels according to the type of setting, in the chromatic enhancement of color contrasts of products, and in the skillful use of IMOON’s special LEDs as engagement factors for the consumer.

In the sales area, lighting is provided by KRIOS P projectors installed on suspended tracks and always equipped with 3000 HD LEDs to ensure high light quality throughout the store. The lighting design included two versions of the same projector, with different powers and luminous emissions, to provide differentiated lighting accents on the products on the shelves. These same lighting fixtures also illuminate communication graphics along the store’s perimeter walls, narrating sea life in harmony with the supermarket’s theme and with the harbor area within which it is located.

Particular attention has been dedicated to the wine area, made highly visible by a backlit ceiling on which LED accent light spots have been inserted. The KRIOS P compact spotlights not only highlight the varied selection of wines but also emphasize the historical displays, the result of a dedicated restoration by Schweitzer in homage to the famous Hassenkamp liquor store. Warm 2700 K light was chosen to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, encouraging customers to linger and explore the wide range of available products.

The same warm light has also been used for the gastronomy and bakery sections, aiming to emphasize the sensation of freshly baked bread, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

For the meat and fish counters, the LED MEAT FISH HD was adopted, designed specifically to accentuate the red and white tones of meat and fish, enhancing their freshness in a natural and realistic way. In this department, IMOON also implemented wireless technology to adjust lighting levels, allowing the optimal brightness level to be set to ensure even light distribution over the entire counter, also contributing to energy savings.

The health and beauty area, on the other hand, is illuminated with a 4000 K HD LED, which offers a slightly cooler tone of light. This choice is ideal for conveying a sense of cleanliness and freshness, clearly distinguishing the area from the food zone.

The project concludes with the lighting of the basement floor using APHA 230 PRO industrial recessed luminaires, always equipped with 3000 HD LEDs to guarantee quality light and high luminous output, ideal for the large area to be illuminated.