Turn Your Lights Up High

Silpo Supermaket

Not any ordinary lighting for not any ordinary supermarket. That was the premise of the collaboration between Imoon and Fozzy Group for its latest store.
In line with its new policy of striking and personal stores, Fozzy Group just inaugurated a new Silpo shop in Brovary, Ukraine. Why not a Jamaican-themed supermarket in Ukraine? The cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of the Caribbean country was recreated inside the new store, enhancing the shopping experience. And to bring along the Caribbean sunshine, Fozzy Group partnered with Imoon to provide the lighting system.

To create a bright and crisp ambience, only spotlighting was used throughout the sales area. The selected product was the Venere Pro P, perfect for the task due to its high flexibility. It has the matching colour temperature for every application and a wide array of reflectors. For the aisles, for example, Imoon’s exclusive Edge Batwing technology was used, giving the perfect balance between product enhancement and impactful look. The Basic System One was used in the cash tills area, to provide the adequate uniformity to that zone. Not only is the lighting system performant, but also efficient, with a low average consumption of 8.5 W/m2.

The unexpected mix, other than attracting a lot of attention and positive feedback from the consumers, means for Fozzy Group serious savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs. Let the sunshine in!