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New light in stores: Imoon expands the Maxi family

New light in stores: Imoon expands the Maxi family

After the e-commerce boom of the last year and a half, in-person shopping has started to increase again with the reopening of the stores: consumers want to browse shelves and touch objects with their hands at the same time, in short, regain possession of their own purchasing rituals. In this return to normality stores have had to rethink not only their layout, but also the customer experience they offer. Flexibility and sustainability have always been core guidelines for Imoon and thanks to the expansion of the Maxi family, Imoon is now their leading exponent. Versatile, elegant and equipped with advanced technologies Maxi was created to give new light to the spaces in retail stores and shops.


Maxi Slim

Maxi Slim

An updated version of the MAXI P product, designed to respond to aesthetic needs while maintaining its flexibility and efficiency. The design was conceived for a thinner, more compact product to reduce the space between the rail and lighting body. Available in three versions with different geometries, light output, and advantages to respond to every possible lighting solution.

2×3 version
The two drivers have a two-phase connection. It is possible to turn on only one of the two phases, reducing consumption and light output by 50% while maintaining the light distribution..
1×6 version
A decidedly linear appearance.
1×3 version
A smaller version, but equipped with a rotating panel for greater flexibility and even more personalized lighting, which may be modified quickly in response to new display needs.

All products are available with CASAMBI technology, ideal for personalized management of the product for greater energy savings.

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Imoon Maxi, a new way to light up

Imoon Maxi, a new way to light up

A product with an innovative design, created to offer a distinctive lighting dedicated to large spaces such as shopping malls, sales areas and common areas.

A possible alternative to both modular lighting systems and projectors, with which it can be easily combined to provide, at the same point of sale, uniform general lighting and ambient accent lighting. A wide-ranging product family, offering a flexible, efficient and consistent lighting system.

Maxi is available in the built-in, projector, ceiling and suspension versions. It is highly customizable thanks to the optics with 30°, 60°, 90°, asymmetrical and batwing light beams.
The panel, if mounted on a rail, can be rotated with additional flexibility for an even more custom-made beam, easily modified to address every exposure needs. It allows for a very high luminous efficiency, greater than 160lm/W; also available in WI-FI, DALI and Tunable White versions.

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