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Kronos P

LED projector born for fashion with the new LED SPARK designed to enhance the entire range of colours, even more vibrant and appealing. Two versions available: Neutral, ideal for the enhancement of all colours, and Cold, where cooler shades are dominant. Reflectors available with beam angles from 18° to 70°.

Standard version available and special version LENS available with beam angle of 10° and concentrating PMMA lens ideal for extremely narrow and precisely defined light beams.

LENS: a special new version of Kronos

LENS: a special new version of Kronos

The Kronos range of appliances has been extended to include a new special LENS version for every product.

LENS is characterised by the use of a PMMA concentrating lens, with a minimum beam angle of 10°, in combination with a special LED, fitted with a very small LES, which generates a precise cone of light with a uniform distribution angle and with no dispersal.

The ideal solution for extremely narrow and well-defined light beams.

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Kronos Spark: emotion in colour

Kronos Spark: emotion in colour

The retail sector in particular has a need to simultaneously illuminate different colours and tones, displaying them as intense and natural; a high colour rendering, without altering the perception of white is essential.

The new Spark technology from Imoon provides an LED lighting solution that enhances the entire range of colours, even more vibrant and appealing; excellent reproduction of white shades resulting in an increased perception of natural purity. Thanks to a single lamp with two colour temperatures: 4000 K for whites and cooler shades and 3000 K for warmer shades.

The combination of SPARK technology and Kronos, luminaires, with their minimalistic design, meets every technical and architectural need of the retail sector.

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