The tradition meets the innovation.


Technology, efficiency and lighting design signed by Imoon and Makris unite in the creation of the tailor-made lighting project for the new Coop supermarket in Viale Duca D’Aosta in Busto Arsizio (Varese). The new opening comes from the requalification of the former industrial area of the Borri shoe factory and becomes one of the most innovative and “green” stores of the whole Coop chain. Imoon and Makris — two young and dynamic brands, leading players in the international lighting market in the Food & Retail field — contribute with exceptional products and customized installations, by implementing their know-how.

The tradition meets the innovation: the historic nature of the place and the leading technologies of the lighting systems, that respond to the needs of the spaces, are the heart of this project. All without ignoring the aesthetics: a modern and charming design matches harmoniously with the environment of new supermarket. The result: a unique format where light is the protagonist, able to combine sustainability with a human-oriented vision.

Imoon satisfies the project needs of functionality and efficiency, by lighting up the spaces with different suspension solutions. Maxi, a high-tech design product, lights up the lanes, the passage areas, the check-out counters area and the house-hold articles department, by creating a smooth, diffused and uniform light. Differently, Venere Pro P, with a clear accent lighting, highlights some areas such as the ends of the lanes and the wine area, by giving them the right light. Furthermore an appropriate color temperature has been applied to the goods on display in every selling area.

The design and the custom-made planning are supported by Makris products: the luminaires by this brand are unique in their genre and able to win over the heart of the aesthete, by integrating with harmony in an elegant and original environment.
Lady, the star that doesn’t go unnoticed, lights up the house-hold articles area by giving it a chic touch thanks to its feminine and total black allure. Granitika, with its minimalist style and refined with smooth cement, enhances the listening point, while Mexico, with curved and winding ceramic shapes, is the protagonist of the wine area. Gabbianella is instead totally customized and so called for its metal-cage shape, painted in rust color, that lights up the inside bar counter and the surrounding area becoming a real design product with particular focus in current trends.

Another distinctive element signed by Makris are the lighting letters, Font Lights that give name to all the areas and departments of the supermarket, by simplifying the flow between the custom area and the workers area.

Instead, in the parking area, Energy 65 Sensum Smart makes the difference: in the underground area, these super smart luminaires perfectly integrate with the project thanks to the presence detector that contributes remarkably to the energy saving.

Last of all, the IP67 LED bars, particularly suitable for outdoors, complete the outdoor area lighting where a wrought-iron structure recalls the typical liberty style of the city.The Coop chain’s green philosophy is supported by a DALI lighting system that contributes to manage the lighting of the spaces. The daylight control detectors regulate and maintain the right illumination according to the different hours of the day. In this way it creates perfect light during every single moment while saving energy.

So the projects’ aims have been achieved thanks to the synergy between Imoon and Makris, which, once again, prove to be perfect for installations where leading technology, efficiency and the sustainability are central. Creativity, great propensity towards innovation and the ability to create customized projects by expressing uniqueness and fulfilling the real mission of the two, different but complementary brands



Imoon Maxi, a new way to light up

A product with an innovative design, created to offer a distinctive lighting dedicated to large spaces such as shopping malls, sales areas and common areas.

A possible alternative to both modular lighting systems and projectors, with which it can be easily combined to provide, at the same point of sale, uniform general lighting and ambient accent lighting. A wide-ranging product family, offering a flexible, efficient and consistent lighting system.

Maxi is available in the built-in, projector, ceiling and suspension versions. It is highly customizable thanks to the optics with 30°, 60°, 90°, asymmetrical and batwing light beams.
The panel, if mounted on a rail, can be rotated with additional flexibility for an even more custom-made beam, easily modified to address every exposure needs. It allows for a very high luminous efficiency, greater than 160lm/W; also available in WI-FI, DALI and Tunable White versions.

See Maxi products.




A true jewel. For how it was conceived, designed and manufactured. 100% Italian, of course, the result of passion and great skills, as well as of technological innovation combined with the finest design. It’s the brand-new Makris Line, perfect synthesis of Imoon’s philosophy, through a custom design concept. The final goal is to offer unique solutions, conceived and designed in close collaboration with customers and partners. In a few words: authentic projects that go beyond the simple lightening purpose, thus aimed at setting a new benchmark in the food retail sector.

With Makris, everything starts from a simple idea, providing complete freedom in developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Numerous lightning models have been conceived so far. Some of them have already been installed in Italian and international retail stores: this is the case of Sphera (Auchan) in Paris, Mida (Viaggiator Goloso),  Numa (Coop) in Milan, and Tita (Acqua & Sapone).

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