Shadow Art is a form of sculpture that rather than moulding materials, creates shadows: it uses apparently insignificant lights and objects to create shadows that are a masterpiece.

Ducati, the prestigious and iconic brand, leader of «made in Italy» in the international motorcycling world, chose Imoon as a partner for the shadow art performance”Monster in the Spotlight” located at the Mediateca di Santa Teresa in Milan.

Imoon Venere Pro and Kronos were used to illuminate eight installations, giving life to a multisensory pathway that accompanied visitors on a suggestive voyage of discovery of one of the icons of Ducati design. The fixtures were customized: beans were set in relation to the different installations illuminated and each product was equipped with a lighting control system to dim the light through a cutting edge digital protocol.

A design of light and shadow enhanced by sounds that form theatre which interact with the surroundings and take on new meanings.