The idea behind Järvenpää’s K-Citymarket, renewed by owner Markku Hautala, was to create the best fresh produce department in Finland, making this one of the country’s first ever restaurant plus grocery stores.

The entire store is marked by a meticulous attention to detail, including tailored lighting, digital screens, hand-written overhead signs, and green walls to promote the sense of freshness. The shelf height is reduced and the aisles are shorter with a view to improving the customer experience and making strolling through the supermarket a more pleasant experience.

The store’s strength lies in its fresh produce department, where particular care has been taken over the presentation and lighting. The products are highlighted by special dedicated versions of Venere Pro. The extra warm LED version used for the bakery, enhances the famous Fazer confectionery, while the meat/fish and meat plus LEDs accentuate the meat department and the incredible sushi counter, in true Japanese style. Finally, the full colour version is a particularly inspired choice for the fruit and vegetables area and for the special JUICE counter, entirely dedicated to fresh fruit juices.

This unique store has been an outstanding success both at home and internationally, with the supermarket winning the prestigious ‘Store of the Year‘ Award 2019 at the  IGD AWARDS in London.