Venere Travel Agency, a trip illuminated by Imoon


Travelling without moving. Venere Pro P projects us to the discovery of new centers Imoon centres , through the territories of Ukraine. The supermarkets of the Silpo chain welcome us, with their incredible hospitality, in a new exploration of custom retail.

Lvivrelives the atmosphere of American jazz in a continuous downtempo of piano and saxThe sound runs fast toOdessa, where it expands to accommodate anorchestrascattered over each department

A little further on, in the same city, the sound of the sea guides another Silpo, transforming it into a safe harbour in which to moor.

A quick stop in Kiev to admire the grandeur of the Roman Empire among statues and frescoes of everyday life, and then straight on to Stoyanka in a western atmosphere like in movies by Sergio Leone.

What about the next goal? Fastiv, by train, and then the incredible China in Khmelnitskij. Ni Hao!

Last stop? Dnipro, surrounded by an early nineteenth-century Central European printing house on the gentle banks of the Dniepe