Imoon Maxi, a new way to light up

A product with an innovative design, created to offer a distinctive lighting dedicated to large spaces such as shopping malls, sales areas and common areas.

A possible alternative to both modular lighting systems and projectors, with which it can be easily combined to provide, at the same point of sale, uniform general lighting and ambient accent lighting. A wide-ranging product family, offering a flexible, efficient and consistent lighting system.

Maxi is available in the built-in, projector, ceiling and suspension versions. It is highly customizable thanks to the optics with 30°, 60°, 90°, asymmetrical and batwing light beams.
The panel, if mounted on a rail, can be rotated with additional flexibility for an even more custom-made beam, easily modified to address every exposure needs. It allows for a very high luminous efficiency, greater than 160lm/W; also available in WI-FI, DALI and Tunable White versions.

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