Imoon supports Interstore | Schweitzer in creating the concept for the 6520-m2 Globus store in Kaluga, Russia. A lighting concept designed around the great ceiling height.

The height of the installation yields complete, immediate visibility in the supermarket. The fixtures installed at a height of between 4.50 m and 5.50 m are equipped with special edge reflectors to light the writings along the perimeter that provide information about the location of areas in the store.

In the aisles and promotional areas we find the HB suspension, made in the same RAL as the ceiling, as if to merge with it, thereby guaranteeing both the right lighting — due to the high luminous flux — and superior visual comfort.

In the produce area, we find the Venere Pro in the spotlight version at a height of 4.50 m and the recessed version with very narrow beams at a height of 4 m inserted in the drop ceiling. The concept is completed in the aisles with linear lights from the Basic System family.

Finally, the Imoon fixtures are joined by Spektre lights, circular suspensions by Makris located at the entrance to generate diffuse, scenic lighting.